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I speak truth and life, and I encourage  anyone to follow their passion and keep there eyes and ears open to the Universe.

I have two woman owned businesses Crowell Trucking and CT Logistics.  My husband is my rock.


I have lived in a small town of 1500 people in North Dakota, since 2013. I came from sunny Tucson, AZ a city of 543,000. I was born in San Diego and that is where the majority of my relatives live.


Washburn, North Dakota - 2023 time to lift my head up and pay attention to my community's government and community resources. Time to give back and serve.


Also, I can't always be so serious, I am a self made CEO. I visit and meet a lot of interesting places and people.  My year to share by letting go and letting god lead my life.


Start is here.........

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Current Projects

Creating a group or committee based on DBE certification.

The intention is to unite all North Dakota certified DBEs to provide mutual aid, valuable insights, and expert advice to one another and to boards serving us in highway construction projects.

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Husband and Wife Podcast​

Husband and Wife Podcast about building a business together and the transportation industry.

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Washburn, North Dakota Economic Development - President

Growing economic wealth

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