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ND DOT State certified DBE's are losing out on money.

Updated: Jan 24

The monthly DBE industry update meeting for January discussed a request to reset awarded DBE ratio on projects and not in our favor!! As you can see one of the sections of the slides shown at the DBE industry update meeting reelects a downgrade in percentage.

As a team, let's work towards shifting our perspective on the DBE program. While construction is our livelihood, we have experienced inconsistencies due to outsiders' involvement. Let's aim to see the program in a new light and make it work for us.

  • The first place we can begin is updating our DBE profile. The location your company is willing to travel to for projects if awarded bid.

    • The area you pick effects allocated percentages' to DBE's. Do not pick outside of where you are willing to travel.

    • Second if you need help with bidding or the process of submitting a quote please reach out so we can begin to work together. Your question might help others.

Verified Q & A with Civil Rights Program Manager II

Q: What is the best way to update the DBE directory?

A: If a DBE needs to update their Directory listing they need to send an email with the updates to Project Solutions, Inc.,

Q: As a DBE where do we update areas of work preference?

A: There is a section of a firms annual renewal that they will fill out with either None, Statewide or buttons to select for each of the 8 Districts. If it needs to be updated prior to their renewal an email needs to be submitted to, or to have it updated.

Below is a link directly to the NDDOT DBE Program.

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